Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers is a campaign against gun violence in America.


Every day, 91 Americans are killed with guns—that’s almost 12,000 every year, and more than 25 times the average in other developed countries. 90% of Americans support background check legislation to bring these numbers down, but majorities in the House and Senate refuse to pass such legislation or, for the most part, even to allow it to come to a vote.

What these majorities in the House and Senate are willing to do, however, is tweet about how bad they feel for the victims of the gun violence their inaction has enabled. We at Thoughts and Prayers feel that these expressions of sympathy shouldn’t go unrewarded, so we’ve decided that each mass shooting should be named for a member of Congress who has done particularly outstanding work in preventing effective gun control laws.

As our inaugural action, we want to honor Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and his bold leadership in shutting off TV cameras in the House of Representatives so that footage of the pro-gun-control sit-in wouldn’t be broadcast to America and in adjourning the House for two weeks at 3:13 a.m. on June 23 rather than allowing any gun control legislation to reach the floor. Speaker Ryan knows that legislation and publicity won’t do anything to reduce gun deaths in America. He knows that only tweets, thoughts, and prayers will do that, as we see from his Twitter account: 


In his honor, then, we present:


The Paul Ryan Orlando Massacre


Please consider using this term when you discuss the massacre, so that as many people as possible know about Paul Ryan’s tireless efforts.

Watch this space for more.